Turning dirty Dreams

to a Detailed Reality.

Quality is what defines us.

Your ride defines you.

The services we offer

Interior Protection and Cleaning

Guard your interior with our advanced leather and plastic protection services. Maintain a pristine look and feel.

Comprehensive Engine Bay Detailing

Revitalize your engine bay with our meticulous detailing. Enhance performance and aesthetics with a cleaner engine.

Crystal Clear Headlight Restoration

Experience improved night visibility and aesthetics with our expert headlight restoration services.

Sleek De-badging and Sticker Removal

Transform your vehicle's look by removing badges and stickers. Achieve a sleek, clean appearance effortlessly.

Lustrous Car Waxing

Give your car a brilliant shine and protection with our high-quality waxing services. Show off your vehicle in style.

Advanced Ceramic Coating

Elevate your car's protection to the next level with our long-lasting ceramic coating. Unmatched shine and resilience.

Precision 2-Step Paint Correction

Restore your car's paint to perfection. Our meticulous 2-step process eliminates imperfections for a flawless finish.

Driven by Passion

The Sanders

Welcome to Sanders Detailing, located in the vibrant core of New Baltimore, MI. Our origins trace back to the passion and vision of Devin Sanders and fiancée. For us, detailing goes beyond mere cleaning. It's about breathing life back into every vehicle, ensuring it radiates brilliance from the inside out.

Our commitment goes beyond just services. We’re here to offer an experience, guided by a simple philosophy: every car deserves our best.